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JULIANA performed by LAS CHIKAS,
Written and Arranged by iliana Rose

Lead Vocal- Lily Hernandez
Bkg Vocals-Gabby Tamez, Whitney Hernandez, iliana Rose
Piano & Bass- iliana Rose
Timbales- Sandie Castañeda
Congas- Kassandra Kocoshis
Trombone- Lindsay McMurray
Alto Sax- Marina Panzetta
Trumpet- Anne King

Dancers- Laroye Aña, Orlando Delgado, Melanie April, Norka Regalado, Melodye

Special thanks to
David Zasloff, Guido Hererra, Regalado Family, Calixto Oviedo, Debby Farley, our families, friends and fans

Audio Mix and video editing by iliana Rose
Mastered by Jimmy Branly

Live Life in Song

Salsa never looked so good in the City of Los Angeles, a melting pot of cultures, and ethnicity come together to give birth to a multicultural female band that set the stage on fire!

Embrace Your Passion

The all female band, Las Chikas is comprised of some of the most talented female musicians in Los Angeles.

Be Inspired

La salsa nunca se ha visto tan bien en la ciudad de Los Angeles, un crisol de culturas y etnicidad se unen para dar a luz a una banda femenina multicultural que pone a cualquier escenario en llamas!