Lorena Perez

Lorena started her musical journey at an early age in her hometown Punto Fijo, Venezuela. Thanks to her family’s support she traveled to the United States to study Drums and Commercial Music at Miami Dade College, and a few years later received a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston earning a Bachelor’s in Composition and Production. While in Boston Lorena continued her musical journey sharing the stage with wonderful artists like El Frente with whom she won national awards, like the Vive Tu Musica battle of the bands, and with Rhythm of the Universe (ROTU), with whom she performed at the Symphony Hall, the Boston Music Awards, and the Hatch Shell.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2014 she participated in the worldwide female competition Hit Like A Girl, where she was voted #1 by the public and #5 by the judges. Thanks to the competition Lorena explored a new side of her as a writer for Tom Tom Magazine, the only female drummer focused magazine in the world. A few months after the competition Lorena was endorsed by the artisan-handcrafted drums Gaai, a unique Japanese brand made in the United States by Gaai Nakamura. She has had the pleasure of playing Gaai’s high-quality drums for over two years; performing and recording with artists like Mik Current, Skin & Bones, Robert Reid Gillies, Moises Velasquez and Jourdan Rystrom. This year Lorena was also endorsed by two amazing companies who develop innovative drum gear like the cymbal moderators by Cympad, and the convenient vintage sound add-ons by Big Fat Snare.

Lorena has also collaborated as a drummer and orchestrator with award winning Film & TV composers like Sandro Morales Santoro (Chosen, Notorious), Elik Alvarez and Freddy Sheinfeld (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ninja Turtles), Juan Carlos Rodriguez (East Los High, Matador), and John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother). Some of her work as an orchestrator was part of the Multi-Award winning documentary Harry and Snowman with original music by Joel Goodman, Elik Alvarez, and Freddy Sheinfeld, and for David Attenborough’s Conquest of Skies 3D, another documentary that won Best Score with music by Joel Goodman and Elik Alvarez. It’s amazing how despite her health problems, she hasn’t stopped succeeding in life! You can click here to learn more about how she’s been able to slowly overcome her condition.

Since the beginning of 2016, Lorena’s main focus has been recording drums and orchestrating for original music by composer, orchestrator, and pianist Joachim Horsley (Rabbit Hole, Ben Folds’ Piano Concerto). She has been working with him for an upcoming animated series by Dreamworks to be released on Netflix this year, on two film music albums by Audio Network, and for two upcoming feature films. Lorena is also one of the percussionists and arrangers for an exciting audiovisual project by Joachim that combines classical music and world rhythms that will be released next year.

Last year Lorena was also featured as a percussionist and composer for two Puerto Rican films working hand in hand with composer and pianist Juan Andrés Matos. One of the films was Yo Soy Un Político, which had great success in Puerto Rico and was recently acquired by HBO, and the other film was Chatarra which won “Best Music and Sound”, “Best Script”, “Best Cinematography”, and “Best Short” at the Festival de Cine Europeo.

Aside from drumming, composing and orchestrating, Lorena loves teaching at the Academy of Music for the Blind. There she spends quality time sharing her drum abilities with some of the most gifted kids in California. For the last 4 years, Lorena has found a family away from home at AMB, teaching music and drums while developing new strategies to teach the blind, but also learning about life, love, and joy from these amazing students.

Currently, Lorena is composing and producing a bilingual children’s album in Spanish and English to be released this year. With this project, she is using world music to teach babies and toddlers about music, language, and early childhood development in an entertaining way.

For more information about Lorena please visit www.lorenaperezmusic.com

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